Steampunk Exposition

Mummy Unwrapping at the Steampunk World’s Fair

We’re bringing a mummy!

A classic Victorian event! Saturday. May 15th at 9PM—A rich personage would ship a mummy from Egypt and then invite his friends to help unwrap it. You see, the Ancient Egyptians didn’t just wrap the mummy in plain cloth; Secreted away in the wrappings were perfumes, religious scriptures, trinkets, and jewelry—exotic prizes for guests to take home! As the guests take their turns unwrapping a bandage, they’ll uncover prizes. It could be anything: a coupon, a candy, a perfume sample, a pair of earrings, a tea bag sample. As prizes are unwrapped the donating company will be announced, and their business card or flyer can be on hand to give to interested parties.

We’ve already had dealers pledge to donate items to secret away in the bandages, but if you’d like to include some little treat for some other fair-goer to find, please contact me directly. I’ll need to know what you’re donating and it’s relative size. I should be able to get the prizes from you Saturday Morning for the Saturday Evening unwrapping. You should be able to contact me via—at the fair, look for the green-derbied bounty-hunter.

Steampunk Exposition Update:

To put it mildly, there have been some set backs. The current economy has caused me to suffer the loss of employment at the beginning of October (well-wishers can send photos of themselves in Steampunk garb, which will be posted here at a later date). The loss of employment made the goal of a Steampunk Expo in April 2010 completely unattainable, and I very nearly shut the whole concept down today. But, I discovered on the semi-neglected Facebook page there were some 70 Steampunk enthusiasts who had recently signed up for more info. This gave me heart. The next attempted date for the Steampunk Expo will be Fall 2010. In the meantime, it’s likely that I’ll bump into you at the Jeff Mach’s Steampunk World’s Fair in Piscattaway, New Jersey or on Steamadelphia.

Nathan E. Lilly, diletante
November 29th, 2009

We’re still planning a Steampunk convention for Spring Fall 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and we’re currently trying to gauge interest. If going to a Steampunk convention is something that you might enjoy, then please sign up for our announcement list below. On this site you’ll receive news, updates, and announcements about the convention, as it’s being planned. You can also follow us on LiveJournal, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo! Groups, or Twitter, if you prefer.

Steampunk Exhibitionists

Show us your legs!—wait, I mean—just because the Steampunk Expo has been delayed doesn’t mean you can’t get some exposure. If you’d care to be a dealer, merchant, performer, panelist, artist, or exhibitor at the Steampunk Expo in Philadelphia Fall 2010, then please send an e-mail to If you include your web address and a 300 by 250 pixel banner then I’ll post it here, free of charge (until I decide to replace them with a full featured site). Don’t have a banner?! For $45 I’ll make one for you, and for $90 I’ll make it animated (please query about additional costs if you’d like something more advanced: flash, sound, video, etc.)—proceeds will go towards the Steampunk Expo Fund.

Potential Exhibitors:

Since we haven’t actually set a date or location yet these people might not actually be at the con, but they’ve expressed their interest to be there... nothing is final until we announce the dates.

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